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Absolute Lawn Pros, Inc.
Cumming, GA
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About the Company & President


Absolute Lawn Pros was established in 1998 by a young entrepreneur with a passion of making landscapes look manicured. Joshua Sergent (Founder & President), started maintaining landscapes in his neighborhood as a teenager. Over the past 15 years, Joshua Sergent has developed an extensive knowledge of landscape maintenance, project management, business, and interpersonal skills by working with their extensive customer base. Absolute Lawn Pros' motto is " To provide a level of overall quality above and beyond the competition that adds value to your property.".


Joshua started school at DeVry University in November of 2002. He continued to grow Absolute Lawn Pros while attending school during the winters. He was able to apply the knowledge learned from school to a real world work environment immediately. Joshua has improved company techniques, procedures, equipment, & skills with the experienced gained over the last 15 years. He finally obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from DeVry University in December of 2012.


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